CIMS Prodcut Overview

The following series of product overview videos will give a quick and high level overview of products and services that CIMS offers. In depth videos can be found further down the page, and more information about our products can be found on the Products page.

Material Handling Overview (video 1 of 5)

Includes Laser Guided Vehicles, Rail Guided Vehicles, Yarn Lock and Load Systems, Conveyors and Sortation Systems.

Stretch Wrap Equipment Overview (video 2 of 5)

Includes the Heavy Duty Fully Automatic 1296 Stretch Wrap Machine, the Versatile 1011 Stretch Wrap Machine, the Stretch Bander and the Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine.

Roll Wrapping Overview (video 3 of 5)

Includes the Automatic and Semi-Automatic Stretch Film Roll Wrappers and Stretch Tapers.

Custom Equipment Overview (video 4 of 5)

Explains CIMS' committment to fullfiling customer needs and includes a recent story about how CIMS was able to satisfy a customer's need through custom engineering.

Consuamables and Service Overview (video 5 of 5)

Explains CIMS' film offering and how service is at the core of CIMS' success.

Automated Vehicles and Additional Equipment

View the full selection on our products page.

Laser Guided Vehicles

Our new Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) is designed, manufactured, installed and serviced from our Dalton, Ga. location. We are using Kollmorgen/NDC control technology, which is used in over 15,000 AGVs worldwide.

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Rail Guided Vehicles

Our line of Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) are AC powered and therefore have no batteries to maintain. Low maintenance and durability are the trademarks of this proven transport vehicle.

Lock & Load System

The CIMS Lock & Load system increases efficiency and worker safety.  The Lock and Load system keeps lift truck drivers away from worker high traffic areas and tight areas where lift truck accidents often occur.  The system also decreases the amount of redundant weight that workers must lift and allows fewer touches per load.   One turn of the lever initiates three simultaneous actions, locking the buggy in place, releasing the current package and blocking more than one package from loading at a time.

Stretch Wrap Equipment

View more stretch wrap machines here.


CIMS Stretch Bander

New Yarn Wrapping Method:

  • Automatic operation
  • Reduces film cost by up to 40%
  • Increases wrapper throughput by up to 35%
  • Easily integrates with existing conveyors
  • Increases bottom tray holding force and package stability
  • Less than 12 month payback on high volume systems

CIMS 735 Stretch Wrap Machine

An automatic rolled goods wrapper that covers the entire product surface, preventing exposure to elements and promoting product safety while being warehoused and shipped. The fully automatic system provides cost savings by eliminating the need for manual labor. Roll size can range from three to six feet long and from seven to 50 inches in diameter.


CIMS Stretch Tapers with Retracting Mounts

The CIMS designed Model 407 roll tapers are ideal for roll containment applications. Our tapers leave no adhesive residue, will not crease soft products and feature automated start and cut technology. Customers can choose from stationary or retracting mounts. Retracting mounts slide to the operator at the turn of lever for easy film change.

View tapers with stationary mounts and more roll packaging products here.

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LGV Video

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CIMS 735 Stretch Wrap Machine Video Thumbnail

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