Stretch Wrap Equipment

1296 Stretch Wrap Machine

CIMS 1296 - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

The CIMS designed model 1296 features all AC drives, heavy duty construction, automatic overation, and a unique, low maintenance design.

1011 Stretch Wrap Machine

CIMS 1011 - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

Designed to work in operations with slightly less volume than the CIMS 1296, the CIMS 1011 provides a more affordable wrapping option without sacrificing quality.The CIMS 1011 is belt driven and incorporates the CIMS Easy Thread System.

CIMS 108

CIMS 108 - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

This CIMS designed orbital wrapper is designed for the rubber recycling industry.

CIMS Stretch Bander - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging


New Yarn Wrapping Method:

  • Automatic operation
  • Reduces film cost by up to 40%
  • Increases wrapper throughput by up to 35%
  • Easily integrates with existing conveyors
  • Increases bottom tray holding force and package stability
  • Less than 12 month payback on high volume systems

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Nelson Wrapper

Hand Wrapping - Nelson Wrap Dispenser - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

The Nelson Wrap Dispenser keeps the laborer in a natural position to reduce back and work related injuries. It incorporates a patented brake system, ensuring tighter wraps and less film waste. There are several models to choose from depending on your need.

Robopac Robot S6 PVS - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

Robopac's self-propelled S6 Robot comes with CUBE Technology and reduces film costs by employing features such as variable pre-stretch and ProActive corner compensation. Capable of wrapping any size load up to 110 inches tall, the S6 comes with six wrapping menus that allow you to pre-program wrap parameters to effectively wrap varied loads with minimal operator interaction.


Robopac Ecoplat - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

Robopac's Ecoplat range of commodity stretch wrappers start at just $5,595 and include three different models all available in transpallet version. The distinguishing mark is the revolutionary control panel that allows a very simple and intuitive use of all the many available wrapping functions.


Robopac Helix - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

A complete range of automatic machines with rotating arms for stretch wrapping palletized loads, they are particularly suited for high production output. Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the pallet remains fixed during the wrapping process to eliminate any possibility of de-stabilizing the load, at any wrapping speed.

The machines of the Helix series represent the ideal solution for wrapping light, easily deormable, unstable loads adn find vast applications in various market segments. The design of the Helix series incorporates several models to accomodate a wide selection of pallet sizes and throughput speeds.

Excel Shrink Tunnels - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

Excel Shrink Tunnels come as General Purpose, High Speed and Bundling tunnels. The machines are State-of-the-Art, with fully Re-Circulating Air Chambers and AC Variable Speed Drives with Anti-Jam Safety features. It is flexible and easy to adjust. With only one power cord it is easily moved anywhere.

Custom Equipment

We also design and manufacture custom stretch wrapping equipment to meet the demands of unique applications.

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