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Laser Guided Vehicles

CIMS Laser Guided Vehicles are designed, manufactured, installed and serviced from our Dalton, Ga. location. The control technology is developed by Kollmorgen/NDC, which is in over 15,000 AGVs world wide.


CIMS seeks to increase the value of automated vechicles by fully integrating them into the customer’s current operation. One way CIMS does this is by manufacturing and installing any additional equipment, such as conveyor transfers or lifts, needed to make the LGV system run smoothly in your operation. CIMS also integrates the LGV system with customer software systems to allow automatic communication between systems. CIMS engineers can program the LGV control system to communicate with most customer inventory control systems and other equipment so that the LGV system becomes a seamless counterpart of your existing operation. See the customer case study below for a specific example.

LGV Video

Conveyor LGV

CIMS Conveyor LGVs automatically pick up and deliver packages from and to buggies and other conveyor.

LGV Video

Fork Lift LGV

CIMS Fork Lift LGVs work like traditional fork lift trucks but drive themselves. Vehicle options are customizeable based on customer need.

LGV Case Study

Rail Guided Vehicles

Our line of Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) are AC powered and therefore have no batteries to maintain. Low maintenance and durability are the trademarks of this proven transport vehicle.

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