Roll Packaging

Roll Tapers - Model 407 - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

The CIMS designed Model 407 roll tapers are ideal for roll containment applications. Our roll tapers leave no adhesive residue, will not crease soft products and features automated start and cut technology. Tapers can be attached to fixed or retracting mounts.

Roll Wrapper - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

CIMS designed roll wrappers are ideal for applications suited for a spiral wrap with stretch film. Our roll wrappers have automated start and cut features in a heavy duty con4struction. Table top and overhead units are available. The unique below the roller bed stretch system allows for much faster cycle times without the need for a product hold down device.

Revolver Wrappers - Now distributed by Atlantic Packaging

Our revolver wrappers are available in a wide range of sizes. The line of revolver wrappers that CIMS offers is ideal for bundling or production line applications. Automatic and semi-automatic units are available.

Roll Taper
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