CIMS manufactures a long and expanding list of equipment needed to support automatic guided vehicle integration and implementation as well as custom solutions to problems that customers present to us.

Safety Cages

CIMS cages can be designed to stop operation of all enclosed equipment once a device is activated. Doors include a switch to stop machinery when the door is opened. Light curtains can be installed at conveyor entrance and exit points.

Lock & Load Systems

The CIMS Lock & Load system increases efficiency and worker safety by keeping lift truck drivers away from worker high traffic areas and tight areas where lift truck accidents often occur.  The system also increases worker safety by decreasing the amount of redundant weight that workers must lift and allows fewer touches per load.   One turn of the lever initiates three simultaneous actions, locking the buggy in place, releasing the current package and blocking more than one package from loading at a time.


We offer a full range of conveyors with our systems. These include chain driven rollers, turntable conveyors, reorienting conveyors, belt conveyors and gravity conveyors.

Palletizers and Sortation Systems

CIMS offers a solution to the problems of sorting products for efficient material handling by combining conveyors and transport vehicles to move and accumulate product in an integrated system. Sometimes these systems also involve palletizers and other components.


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