Packaging challenges
So your product is finally on the pallet and almost ready to be shipped, but it's not out the door yet. There are many challenges that come with moving your products safely and efficiently into distribution or storage. How you respond to those challenges and the choices you make when determining your packaging and material handling plan will significantly impact the cost of production. In a fast-paced and evolving industry, it is essential to gain a competitive edge. To be successful, companies must continually search for ways to promote efficiency and safety while cutting cost.

We can help
CIMS has a proven track record of ensuring that our customers improve processes, decrease manual labor and save money. Our team of engineers wants to hear about your manufacturing challenges, and they stand ready to develop the custom products and processes that will deliver consistent and reliable results for your organization. We also work with customers to give insight into problems they may not even be aware of in order to provide results that are in keeping with the best practices in your industry. Put simply, we specialize in finding problems and providing affordable solutions that are innovative, efficient and safe.

Seamless integration and automation
Often, our solutions involve creating a seamless integration with other technologically advanced systems that are already in place. We are able to integrate our products with yours so that the process flow is not interrupted, but rather significantly enhanced. Up-to-date and advanced technology comes standard in our product offerings. Many of our products provide a touch screen interface that is both easy to use and functional for operators. Our automated products are able to gather information about the surrounding environment using lasers and scales in conjunction with advanced software systems.

The organizations we work with typically have the highest standards of employee safety. Your employees' safety is a top priority for us! Tell us your safety requirements, and we'll work with you to make sure any solutions we provide are in keeping with the standards you have in place.

Loyal fans
Our customers choose CIMS and keep coming back because we have effective solutions that boost productivity and demonstrate substantial cost savings. They also appreciate our extended service offering and dedication to delivery. They enjoy us because we are customer-centered and easy to work with. We treat our customers as the number one priority because that is exactly what they are. Ultimately, we are in business because we value our customers and enjoy working with them.

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