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What is the CIMS Automatic Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV)?
The Automatic Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) uses an onboard laser to determine its location and move loads horzontally across predetermined distances without the need of an operator. LGVs offer a flexible solution to material transport challenges as they are battery powered and are not constrained with ground or hanging rails as seen with traditional Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs).

How CIMS LGVs Operate
Programmed software installed in the System Manager supervises LGV movement and communication between the LGV and System Manager.

We design the layout and program the software to take into account the placement of objects in the LGV environment. This information helps us determine the best drive paths for the LGV. Drive paths can be changed as business needs evolve.

LGV Diagram

The laser navigation sensor, seen at the top of the LGV, keeps the LGV within its preconfigured paths by continuously detecting reflectors that have been positioned at strategic locations in the LGV environment.

When operating, the vehicle is also in continuous contact with the LGV system controller, receiving and transmitting information such as work orders and traffic information.

When battery power gets low, CIMS LGVs automatically go to charging stations to recharge. Once charging is complete, they automatically resume service.

Fast Facts

  • Capable of 360 degree movement
  • 360 degree laser bumpers for safety
  • Built, installed and served from Dalton, Ga.
  • Free-ranging on easily changed and programmed paths
  • Control technology found in over 15,000 LGVs worldwide
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