Laser Guided Vehicles

CIMS LGV Case Study

CIMS has recently designed and built a Laser Guided Vehicle Fork Lift that automatically takes yarn from the product side of a plant and delivers it to a multiple level rack inventory location. It then delivers the product to both levels of a tufting creel rack on demand.

The LGV system also communicates with the customer’s production control and inventory management systems to update product location as needed.

LGV Forklift
Loading Inventory Rack

The CIMS LGVForklift places the package into the multiple level rack inventory location. At the same time, the LGV updates the customer's inventory control system, letting it know that a package is now occupying that space.

Inventory Control

The inventory control box is the visual representation of the integration occuring between the LGV system and the customer inventory system. Each square has a corresponding place in the rack system. A user can mark an area red to prevent the LGV from filing that area with a package.

Creel Racks

The LGV System takes packages from the storage racks and places them in the appropriate locations in the mult-level creel rack area.

Call Station in Creel Racks

The LGV System is intregrated with a call system so that users can tell the LGV system where packages are needed.

Call Station Close Up

Each station in the creel area has a corresponding button in the call station interface so that any given station can call the LGV system for a package. Stations F1 and F2 have been called, while the rest are idle.

LGV Display Screen

The LGV system has an easy to use touch screen display aboard the vehicle that allows users to take it into manual mode and adjust individual settings.

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